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RP Crack: Ruthie & Lee
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26th-Jul-2006 08:38 pm(no subject)
So this is the big compilation, if you have any to add that I may have forgotten, please feel free. ^_^

Behind the cut!
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If you think we need more chars, or different areas of play, then by all means, sugestions and brainstorming are wonderful. I've actually got a little idea in the back of my head for a new pirate pair or something. Because I've always enjoyed Selkies...might be fun to toss one of them into a pirate mix. And we can do the post Apocalyptic thing, but I'm not sure what we'd be going for as far as storyline is concerned. If you like Zandra, and you want to make a girl...I've got a guy that I've had around that I could use. Also might be fun to do some kind of medieval fantasy deal...possibly with werewolves involved. I dunno, up to you. If we get stuck with chars, it's never a bad thing to start something new. ^_~
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